Enrollment by Link

The following steps will enroll a device with SimpleMDM by link:

  1. Within SimpleMDM, click Devices on the left hand side.
  2. Click the "Enroll Devices" button near the top right of the screen.
  3. Under "Enrollments", click the name of the group you would like to enroll to. If the group enrollment does not already exist, click "Create Enrollment", select "Group Enrollment", then give the enrollment a name and select the group name in the "Initial Device Group" field that you would like to enroll devices into. Set 'User Enrollment' to "No".
  4. The following screen presents the enrollment link. You can email or SMS this link directly to a device under "Send To Device". Alternatively, the enrollment link URL can be entered into Safari on the device by hand.
  5. On the device, open the enrollment link URL with Safari.
  6. Click the "Download Enrollment Profile" button on the web page.
  7. A prompt will be shown asking if you want to download a configuration profile. Select "Allow".
  8. Close the prompt.
  9. Go back to the home screen and open the Settings app.
  10. Near the top of the main Settings menu, a "Profile Downloaded" option should appear. Select it.
  11. On the "Install Profile" screen, select "Install".
  12. Enter your passcode if necessary.
  13. A warning screen will appear. Select "Install".
  14. A remote management dialog will appear. Select "Trust".
  15. The device will enroll with SimpleMDM. When the process has completed, you may select "Done".

Your device is now enrolled with SimpleMDM. It will appear on the "Devices" screen.