Enrollment with Apple DEP

Connect a DEP Account

If you haven't already, the first step is to connect SimpleMDM to your Apple DEP account. Read our guide on Connecting a DEP Account.

Associate Devices with SimpleMDM

Linking Apple DEP to SimpleMDM establishes a channel of communication between the two services. The next step is to make SimpleMDM aware of the devices in your DEP account.

  1. Within the Apple DEP Portal, assign your devices to the SimpleMDM server. This action grants SimpleMDM the ability to see these devices. If the SimpleMDM server is the default server, devices added to your DEP account will be automatically assigned.
  2. Within SimpleMDM, return to the DEP interface by clicking Devices > Enrollments, and then the Apple DEP tab. Click the “Sync with Apple” button. SimpleMDM will automatically sync devices every few hours, though a manual sync can be requested if you do not wish to wait.

This will cause SimpleMDM to sync with your Apple DEP account and become aware of any new devices you’ve added. Once this step completes, you should see the devices count in the SimpleMDM DEP interface increment to the correct count. These devices haven’t been added to SimpleMDM yet, but now SimpleMDM is aware of them in the DEP Portal. This step needs to be completed every time new devices are added to your DEP account.

Enroll Devices

Now that your devices are associated and SimpleMDM is aware of their DEP records, it’s time to start them up.

Note: Devices only check in with the DEP service when they are set up for the first time. If you’ve previously turned these devices on and completed the series of setup panes, they will need to be reset. To re-initialize a device, on the device, go to Settings, General, Reset, and select “Erase all content and settings”. Your device will wipe itself and then restart, entering the DEP setup process.

  1. Turn on your device for the first time. The device may ask a few initial setup questions.
  2. If the device asks for WiFi information, be sure to select a wireless network that has internet access. Internet access is required to complete the DEP process.
  3. Once the device has gained internet access, the setup process will conform to the DEP settings you created.
  4. When the setup process has been completed, the device will appear under Devices in the SimpleMDM interface.

At this point, the device has been fully initialized and enrolled in SimpleMDM. Congrats!