macOS Support

SimpleMDM allows an administrator to manage macOS devices similarly to iOS devices within the administrator interface. 

Due to differences in macOS as well as SimpleMDM, not all iOS MDM features are also supported for macOS. These features are known to work for macOS:

  • Device Actions:  Lock device, wipe device, unenroll device.
  • Device & App Inventory: Device, network, and installed app inventory information.
  • Apps: Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and Apple App Store app deployment. macOS package (PKG) deployment.
  • Accounts: Email (Exchange / IMAP / POP) and VPN
  • Configurations: Certificates, custom configuration profiles, FileVault, firmware passwords, kernel extension policies, passcode / screensaver policies, restrictions, VPN accounts, privacy preferences policies,  and wireless networks.
  • Enrollment: URL and DEP
  • Rules / Quarantine