Deploying and Updating Apps

SimpleMDM provides extensive support for app types, namely:

  1. Public App Store apps
  2. Private B2B VPP apps
  3. IPA binary files

In addition, SimpleMDM supports all app licensing options, including:

  1. Apple ID based app store purchases
  2. VPP licenses using device based or Apple ID based assignment
  3. VPP redemption codes
  4. Enterprise or Ad-hoc signed apps

To deploy apps to devices, apps must first be added to the app catalog. Apps in the app catalog are then assigned to devices and device groups using app groups.

Deploying Apps To Multiple Devices

Once your apps have been added to the catalog, it's time to assign them to devices and deploy them.

You can navigate to the app assignment screen by clicking the "Apps" link on the left hand side of the screen and then selecting the "Assignment" tab. This screen shows a listing of app groups. App groups associate apps with your devices and device groups. App groups are how you push and update apps, whether manually or automatically.

The SimpleMDM App Group

If your account is new, you will only see one app group named "SimpleMDM". This app group is a system default and is reserved for the SimpleMDM mobile app only. You can edit the devices and/or device groups that should receive the SimpleMDM mobile app.

Creating App Groups

You will want to create your own app groups to associate your apps with devices. To create an app group:

  1. Click "Add App Group"
  2. Name the group something meaningful to you. Check the "Auto Deploy" box if you'd like devices to automatically receive these apps when they enroll to or are moved to the device groups you specify in this app group.
  3. Click "Save".

Your app group has now been created. The next step is to assign apps, device groups, and devices to the group. You can do this by clicking on the drop-down menus and making selections.

Once you have associated apps to device groups and devices, you have two options for deployment:

  • Install Apps: This will install the apps to every device that does not yet have the app installed.
  • Update Apps: This will cause the devices to update their apps to the latest versions. This will not affect devices that do not have the apps installed.

Deploying Apps To A Single Device

You can optionally push the assigned apps for a single device at a time. This is useful if some of the required apps have been deleted from the device and you'd like to return the device to it's correct state without affecting other devices in an app group.

To update an individual device, navigate to the device details page and click the "Actions" button in the upper right hand corner. Select the "Push Assigned Apps" link.

To update a single app on a single device, navigate to the device details page, click the "Apps" tab, and then click the "Update" button next to the installed app that you'd like to update.